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Do you have a slow website?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

When creating a new web design, the focus tends to be on the look and functionality. It’s important not to overlook the website speed. A slow website, no matter how pretty or useful, will drive away visitors and potential customers. Internet users expect an on-demand web experience.

Simply put, website optimization is the process of using the smallest amount of disk space possible in order to make the site load faster. This can be done in several ways, such as image optimization (graphics), code cleanup (HTML), and server configuration (hosting).

Website load time is even more important to consider as your site grows in size and popularity. You don’t want to get caught with a slow website when a sudden burst of web traffic hits your site!

You can test your website speed for free with the Website Speed Test tool provided by Vertain. You should test the speed several times throughout the day and average the load times to get the most accurate reading.

Here is the load time for the newly redesigned

website load time speed check website load time speed check

Our site is as fast as the best of them so far! The load time could be further improved through a website cache system, which is necessary for some high-traffic websites.

The bottom line: Lower the overall “weight” of your site to improve your visitor retention rate.