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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

The Impurist Productions website has been re-launched with a brand new design and CMS (content management system). The new functionality will allow us to add fresh content on a regular basis, encourage interactivity, and display steady organic growth to the search engines. In other words, we’re breathing life into stone.

The new logo is pretty cool, too. The meaning of the black rose will be revealed over time, so stay with us. Think you can guess?

The old site hadn’t been updated in ages; not exactly a great way to attract new clients online. Luckily that was never a problem, word-of-mouth reputation was strong enough to fuel the growth from a single freelance web designer into a premium web project management firm. We’ve learned a lot along the way. One main purpose of the new is to share our experiences and hypotheses about what makes a successful website. We study web science.

The new is a humble attempt to bridge the gaps between business managers, web designers, developers, marketers, and content producers. Communication will be a top priority because so many of us are speaking different languages, figuratively speaking. Look forward to some very useful resources and insider information about a variety of topics. The content posted here will be useful for both business owners and webmasters.

Current clients: Thanks for all of your feedback and encouragement to redevelop this site. I prefer to put my energy and resources into your projects, so I needed that little push to reinvest and revamp the site. Thank you for the support! –Josh